How important is power supply to a data center?

Time of issue:2022-02-18


The world's most important base metal exchange, the London Metal Exchange (LME), issued a statement: On the evening of January 10, local time, a power outage in a third-party data center caused network connection problems, and trading resumed after a five-hour suspension.


Regarding the power outage, Eric Liu, head of trading at Shanghai ASK Resources Co., Ltd., said: "We have been notified by the broker that the LME cannot open trading due to connection problems with third-party data centers. This will directly affect arbitrage trading, especially in other While the exchange is still operating. But we have no choice but to wait for it to be resolved.”


Among all the failure factors in the data center, the power supply system has the greatest influence. No matter how sophisticated the IT equipment of the data center, how superior the system functions, and how high the reliability, once the power is cut off, no matter how good the system is, it will not work.


How can data centers maintain power supply more securely?


First of all, the power demand of data centers is also changing at different stages of development. As a result, utility companies need to be able to analyze the demand for electricity in a data center over time to make longer-term forecasts easier.


In order to meet the high availability of the data center, the reliability of the power supply is very important for the data center. The city power of key core data centers requires dual-circuit power supply, which is inseparable from the strong power supply support of the power grid. In addition, the national standard A-level data center also requires the data center to be equipped with a backup power supply such as diesel generators to further improve the reliability of the data center's power supply. That is, there are actually three sources of power supplying it.


In the data center, it is generally necessary to configure a UPS uninterruptible power supply system. This kind of power supply equipment will not be interrupted due to short-term power failure, can always supply high-quality power supply, effectively protect precision instruments, and ensure that the power supply of the data center is foolproof.


As a large consumer of electricity, data centers have a large demand for electricity. The cost of electricity often accounts for more than 60% of the overall operating cost of a data center. In order to reduce operating costs, some data center operators will choose to build in areas with lower electricity costs. In addition, in order to implement and practice China's "dual carbon" strategy, the power supply for data centers will also speed up the green transformation, make efficient use of renewable energy, and use green power to facilitate low-carbon operation of data centers.