How to match the generator set and UPS power supply?

Time of issue:2022-03-10


When selecting a generator set, it is not only necessary to consider the power matching, but also to have an in-depth understanding of the excitation type of the generator, which is conducive to the normal operation of the UPS power supply.​​


1. The generator relies on the control of the voltage regulator to output voltage. The voltage regulator detects the voltage of the three-phase output, and the average value is compared with the required voltage value.


2. The engineer of the UPS power system designs the input filter and applies it to the UPS. When the UPS power supply is used, it can also control the current harmonics. These filters play an important role in the compatibility of the UPS with the generator set.


3. When the ohmic value of the inductive reactance of the generator and the ohmic value of the capacitive reactance of the input filter are close to each other, and the resistance value of the system is small, vibration will occur, and the voltage will exceed the rated value of the power system.


4. When the UPS power supply and the electrical system are in a light load state, the current harmonics have little influence. But the operating parameters when the UPS is no-load, especially the input power factor, are crucial to the compatibility of the UPS with the generator.


The generator needs to adapt to the non-linear load characteristics of the UPS, so that it can continue to ensure that the UPS power supply can supply stable power to the load in the absence of mains power.