INVT contributes to the Beijing Winter Olympics and empowers the development of world sports

Time of issue:2022-02-18


Beijing · Winter Olympics
February in 2022


Xueruyi, the national ski jumping center located in Zhangjiakou competition area, its S-shaped curve building and steep and complex mountain structure make the first oblique elevator project with arc track in China emerge as the times require.When running on the arc track, the elevator shall meet the real-time horizontal control of the car on the arc track at different operating speeds. INVT's EC300 elevator control system combines INVT's GD800 series frequency converter and servo drive perfectly meet the needs of the Winter Olympics.




In addition to the Beijing Winter Olympics, in other domestic and international match and sports events, INVT  has been quietly empowering the sports development.


Xi'an National Games
September in 2021


The main venue of the 2021 Shanxi national games, Xi'an Olympic Sports Center, has a planned area of about 5 square kilometers and can accommodate 60000-80000 people. RM Series modular UPS products from INVT ensure the perfect display and accurate operation of power equipment for on-site events.


Beijing · State General Administration of sports
January in 2021


ITalent series large-scale integrated data center from INVT has been successfully built in the State General Administration of sports. This scheme can integrate all sports resources in the region and establish a visual core "command cabin", so as to realize 3D visual display from multiple dimensions such as national fitness, holographic users, panoramic view of sports resources, data cockpit, industrial development, sports +, innovation and technology, enabling to achieve efficient and refined management.


Zhengzhou ethnic minority sports games
September in 2019


In Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium, more than 40 sets of RM Series modular UPS  products from INVT are used for the lighting of the whole stadium, undertake the important task of power supply under high load operation, and successfully complete the power supply of the opening ceremony of the games.




Sochi Winter Olympics
February in 2014


Multiple sets of UPS products from INVT shine at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games. As a reliable guarantee system for efficient power supply, UPS products must have the world's top power technology to support the daily power supply demand of the whole venue.



If sports are strong, China will be strong, and if the National Games are prosperous, sports will flourish. Sports are an important part of people's healthy and happy life, and the sports meeting is an important platform and window to show the level of competitive sports, the strength of mass sports and the development of sports industry.
At present, in addition to the above applications, INVT's products and solutions have been fully used in Yueyang Sports Center, Xuzhou Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium, Dalian Sports Center Gymnasium, Suzhou professional sports team management center, Tianjin Institute of physical education and other places. It can be said that INVT has been doing its best to ensure the stable power supply of sports facilities and the safe operation of sports equipment.