How to take flood control measures in the data center?

Time of issue:2022-09-21


Too abnormal weather, many cases have been beyond the scope of people expected. For data centers with strict requirements on the environment, once a water leakage accident occurs, it will cause equipment damage and information loss to users, bringing great and even irreparable economic losses. Therefore, flood control is needed.


Ⅰ Hidden flood hazards in the data center

There are seven main risks

1. engine room at the top due to water leakage caused by flooding.

2. engine room at the bottom due to water pipe blockage caused by flooding.

3. room heating system leakage.

4.Due to improper design of water cooling system, or damage leakage.

5.Air conditioning system drainage pipe design improper or damaged leakage.

6. engine room area water supply valve leakage.

7. There are bathrooms in the engine room, due to sewer or floor drain blockage.


In view of the above reasons, in order to prevent water damage during the construction of the computer room, the following points should be paid attention to :

1.If the computer room is located on the top floor of the building, the roof must be strictly waterproof to prevent rainwater leakage into the computer room.

2.Engine room due to the use of constant temperature and humidity device, under normal circumstances should not use heating system, but for particularly cold areas, must use heating, on the one hand, under the heating should be set up waterproof tank, in case the heating leak, will also be smooth out of the engine room ; on the other hand can be used steel string type heater, all the pipes are welded to prevent leakage.

3.If there is water pipe through the engine room, should take insulation measures, the pipe valve should not be set in the engine room.

4. Water rooms and bathrooms should be away from the machine room.

5.Waterproof ditch or floor drain should be set in the computer room

6.When water must be installed in the computer room, management should be strengthened to prevent problems.

7. Room location is generally in the middle floor of the building, and the building room outside the floors and rooms are generally water sprinklers, room upper floors of the water sprinkler system for the safety of the room left a great hidden danger, once the fire occurs, the water sprinkler system starts, water will leak into the room, threatening the safety of the room.


 Eliminate hidden dangers and keep the data center away from floods

  • In addition to installing water sources for air conditioning equipment in the computer room, other water sources are generally not installed.
  • Regular inspection engine room air conditioning equipment dedicated water sealing performance, found that there are leaks should be repaired in time.
  • Units built on the roof of the building should regularly check whether there is water leakage on the roof of the computer room.
  • Units built on the top floor of the building should regularly remove the blockage of the roof rainwater drainage device to ensure the smooth flow of rainwater drainage pipes.
  • Waterproof rainwater seeps through the window.
  • Prevent water from entering through the door.
  • Prevent air conditioning equipment condensate leakage in the room.
  • Using modern water leakage detection system, in the event of water leakage, timely alarm, timely treatment to avoid water damage.
  • In the site selection of computer room system engineering, the computer room is required to stay away from the water source. At the same time, in the overall design of the engine room, to take into account the waterproof problem of the top of the engine room, the corresponding floor on the top of the engine room to be waterproof treatment.
  • Water pipes irrelevant to the machine room area shall not pass through the main engine room. Inevitably, anti-condensation and heat preservation should be done well. The water pipe is connected by galvanized steel pipe thread, and the joint is ensured to be strict and tested by pressure test.
  • The air conditioning is surrounded by water retaining embankments, where water may be produced ( around the precision air conditioning, below the water pipe ) set leakage alarm system.
  • When using the movable floor air supply mode, the floor should take thermal insulation measures.


 Machine room waterproof processing example

1. In the air conditioning room, the upper and lower water pipes are installed with aluminum plastic pipes. The characteristic of aluminum plastic pipe is that there is no joint in the middle of the whole water pipe during installation, which solves the problem of water leakage in the water pipe.

2. Install waterproof tray under the precision air conditioning, and install the water leakage alarm induction line in the waterproof tray, so that once the leakage occurs, can also be timely alarm.

3. Can be in the air conditioning room and the host room ground 100mm high waterproof dam, and waterproof treatment within the dam. Install the water leakage alarm system in the whole range of the dam, and with the air conditioning water inlet solenoid valve linkage, so that in the event of leakage can be timely cut off the water.

4. Due to the use of water fire outside the engine room, it can be installed in the engine room gas protection zone demarcation wall 400mm high waterproof dam to cut off the possible flooding.

5. In all the water pipes into the engine room for insulation treatment, in order to prevent due to the temperature difference of dew, plus in the air conditioning room and the main room area set drainage floor leakage, through the above waterproof treatment, to ensure the engine room waterproof measures foolproof.