Should the wiring in the equipment room be routed up or down

Time of issue:2022-09-27


1. What is the upper line and the lower line?

In data center projects, the mainstream routing methods of cabling systems are generally divided into two categories: upper routing and lower routing.

what is up line

Cable routing means that the cables are laid on the pre-installed bridge above the equipment in the cabinet, holes are drilled on the cement board of the ceiling to fix the cable rack, and the cables are routed and routed to each cabinet.

What is downline

The lower wiring means that the cables are laid under the raised floor, and some are directly laid on the ground and on the bridge frame of the floor. 


2. Which one is better for the upper line and the lower line?

The popularity of upper wiring in recent years is inseparable from the continuous upgrade of the scale of the computer room, the popularity of down-air cooling, and users' attention to maintenance management. 

Relatively speaking, after a long period of time, the equipment room is not protected against rodents, dust is large, maintenance is difficult, and it is not conducive to fire protection.

In addition, the current domestic data center projects have limited floor heights, and the net height occupied by the "lower wiring" will be higher than that of the "upper wiring", and there is also a lack of flexibility in the layout of the computer room and future changes.


In addition, in the technical specification document of the computer room and wiring engineering, there is a clear description of the "wiring engineering implementation requirements": the strong and weak current wiring in the computer room should be clearly separated to avoid electromagnetic interference. The best way is to use the strong current wiring under the floor. The weak current adopts the upper wiring, the strong current adopts the wire trough, and the weak current adopts the hoisting metal ladder.

Of course, this does not mean that the lower wiring is useless, and the lower wiring also has applications. Relatively speaking, the lower wiring has certain advantages in terms of ease of laying and cost, and the lower wiring method does not affect the aesthetics of the equipment room. Relatively speaking, the requirements for construction cable management are reduced, and the construction is faster.


When the cable density and capacity are large, the upper cable will put a lot of pressure on the cable tray. For the cable routing method on the grid type bridge, the cable management requirements are very high for the construction and binding of the wiring system, and the construction quality is very high. Good or bad will directly affect the appearance of the overall data center.


Therefore, if the anti-static board is generally prepared, the lower wiring can also be used. Which type of wiring should be used should also take into account the customer's requirements for the data center, such as cost, maintenance, computer room upgrade, construction period, etc.