45kVA Modular UPS used in Geshi Toll Station project

Time of issue:2023-09-14


Offered product: RM Series Rack-Mounted Modular Online UPS 10-90kVA-RM045/15X


Time: 2023


Location: Jiangsu Province · China


The load of the toll station is mainly the toll PC, signal indication system, data transmission equipment, etc., which have important functions of saving toll information, transmitting toll information to the superior, and vehicle release instructions. Small and medium-capacity UPS power supplies are more suitable.
To this end, INVT Power provided Geshi Toll Station with a 45kVA Rack-Mounted Modular Online UPS, which is compact and handy. The system based on 10kVA power module can be flexibly configured as 3/3, 3/1, and 1/1 without derating. The compact structure makes it an excellent choice for small and medium data centers.