60kVA Modular UPS used in ChinaCoal project

Time of issue:2023-11-09


Offered product: RM Series Modular Online UPS 20-200kVA
-RM060/20 and 2 sets of 150Ah batteries


Time: 2023


Location: Inner Mongolia · China


Recently, in the ChinaCoal computer room renovation project, INVT Power successfully gained recognition from customers with its excellent machine performance.

This series of machines is a modular online UPS for sensitive types of equipment. With the latest IGBT three-level and full DSP control technology, the RM series delivers the best combination of reliability, hot-swappability, and flexibility. Independent chargers for each module can intelligently prolong the lifetime of the battery.

60kVA Modular UPS used in ChinaCoal1-INVT Power