300kVA Modular UPS used in Jinzhou Medical University project

Time of issue:2023-07-18


Offered product: RM Series  Modular Online UPS 40-500kVA-RM300/50X
6 sets of MF200-12 batteries


Time: 2023


Location: Liaoning Province · China


With the development of digital technology and network technology, most schools in China have established campus networks and are connected to each other to form a computer network centered on educational websites. However, the quality of the power supply directly affects the safe operation of the campus network, so ensuring UPS is very important for the campus network.
Therefore, servers that store important data and are responsible for network connections need to focus on power protection. After considering this situation, the INVT Power team provided Jinzhou Medical University with a 300kVA modular UPS and 6 sets of MF-200 batteries.


300kVA Modular UPS used in Jinzhou Medical University1-INVT Power


300kVA Modular UPS used in Jinzhou Medical University2-INVT Power