INVT Power and INVT Network Power won awards in pairs!

Time of issue:2023-06-16


To better promote the construction, development, and application of my country's national defense green data center computer room, and maintain the information security of my country's national defense data center, the "2023 Sixth China National Defense Green Data Center Equipment and Technology Exhibition" will be held on May 23, 2023, It will be held at the China International Exhibition Center from 1st to 25th. At the same time, "Data Center Construction+" magazine and the China National Defense Green Data Center Exhibition Organizing Committee will jointly hold the "2023 19th Data Center Infrastructure Technology Summit and User Satisfaction Survey Result Announcement Conference" on May 23, 2023. The theme of this year's conference is "Military-civilian Integration Opens a New Game, Create a New Green World Together", and discusses the green, safe, efficient, innovative transformation of data centers and other aspects.


The conference adopts the form of an on-site conference and webcast and allows online guests to participate in the interaction, covering data center industry experts, manufacturer representatives, industry users, etc.


"Military-civilian integration opens a new game and creates a new green world." The 2023 19th Data Center Infrastructure User Satisfaction Survey held at this conference focuses on industry hotspots and keeps up with technology trends, and selects 2022 user satisfaction brands, user satisfaction services, user satisfaction solutions, technological innovation, green environmental protection, The most growing brand, the brand recommended by users, the influential brand in the storage battery industry, and the top ten UPS corporate brands. Commendation to technology and solution providers with excellent performance in data center-related fields.


INVT Power and INVT Network Power award news


INVT Power won the "2022 Top Ten UPS Brands", and INVT Network Power won the "Data Center Micro-module System User Recommended Satisfaction Brand Award".


The announcement of user satisfaction survey results held by "Data Center Construction+" magazine has been held for 19 consecutive sessions. Comment and encourage industry manufacturers to continue to strengthen technological innovation, continue to forge ahead, build well-known brands, provide assistance to promote the realization of carbon neutrality and contribute to the healthy development of data centers and related industries.


It is believed that this conference will promote the technological innovation of national defense technology and the data center industry, promote the construction and operation and maintenance of green data centers in the double-carbon era, and promote the green, low-carbon, and high-quality development of the data center industry!