INVT Global Partners Conference 2023 Successfully Concluded

Time of issue:2023-12-20


On Dec.14-16, INVT Global Partners Conference 2023, with the theme of Joint Power, Shape Future, successfully concluded. The conference brought together more than a hundred partners from around the world to discuss high-quality development and win-win solutions for the automation industry under the new economy, new consumption, and new competition.

At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Shenli Huang, Chairman of INVT, gave a wonderful speech. He pointed out that INVT' s rapid development and business doubling year after year are not only due to INVT' s strategic layout, but also the result of the joint efforts and support of all partners. He emphasized the important contribution of partners to INVT' s achievements, and also expressed expectations and confidence in future cooperation.


INVT Global Partners Conference 2023 Successfully Concluded-INVT Power


Mr. Lin Yang, Vice President of INVT, introduced in detail that under the "dual carbon" policy, the automation energy-saving market will continue to grow, which is an opportunity for automation companies to develop rapidly and move forward. It has also given rise to application demands in more scenarios, such as applications of carbon capture and hydrogen production have put forward new requirements for automation companies.Currently at the front end of the dual-carbon chain, INVT advocates joint ecological actions to provide comprehensive industrial automation solutions, promote the progress and development of the industry, and grow together with partners.


INVT Global Partners Conference 2023 Successfully Concluded2-INVT Power


Business review 2023&Business strategy 2024

Mr. Jian Wang , Vice President of INVT's Industrial Automation Business Group, reviewed the development of INVT's domestic business in the past year and looked forward to its business strategy in 2024. Mr. Wang analyzed the breakthrough achievements and existing problems in the domestic business of INVT this year, and shared the future development plans and key projects of the domestic business. He not only demonstrated the overall layout of the business next year, but also implemented the strategy in detail.


In addition, Mr. David Du, Overseas Sales Director, Mr. Qiang Liu , General Manager of OEM Sales, and Mr. Changzhi Liu, General Manager of Project Sales also reviewed in detail the development of overseas, OEM and project sales in 2023 and the plan for 2024. They fully demonstrated the superiority of INVT’s flexible strategy adapted to local conditions, and also expressed INVT's sincerity and ambition to explore the global market with its partners and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.


New products&Cases sharing

During the meeting, Mr. Ruiyong Dong, Vice President of INVT Industrial Automation Business Group, demonstrated the characteristics and application cases of a series of innovative products to our partners, which aroused strong interest and heated discussion among the participants. Mr. Dong introduced these crystallizations of INVT’ s innovative wisdom to partners, including not only the newly launched products in 2023, but also exclusive sharing of new products to be released in 2024.


In this conference, INVT has prepared a product creative block outside the venue. The block exhibition is divided into several major sections: VFDs, servo, elevator, control, and demon systems. It displays INVT's rich products and applications in various fields to partners. The product line has dedicated personnel to introduce, promptly answered partners’questions, guide partners to operate prototypes and systems, give partners an immersive product application experience.


Award Ceremony

After the meeting agenda ended, with the music playing, INVT' s 2023 Outstanding Partner Award Ceremony officially kicked off. In a tense and solemn atmosphere, the company leaders awarded honorary awards to the partners who worked together to expand the territory. Their hard work and contribution are highly recognized . And everyone is encouraged to keep playing an important role in future cooperation.


Domestic & Overseas Seminar

In order to make the communication deeper and more targeted, INVT also arranged seminars for domestic sales and overseas sales on the morning of the 16th. They jointly discussed the market prospects and application value of INVT products, building a bridge for future cooperation and exchanges.



On the morning of the 16th, INVT arranged a visit to the exhibition hall and factory to allow the partners to have a close understanding of INVT' s products and production processes. During the visit, We showed INVT' s production management and product quality, and expected closer cooperation with every partner and to write a new chapter jointly in industrial automation.


INVT Global Partners Conference 2023 Successfully Concluded3-INVT power



On Dec.16, INVT Global Partners Conference 2023 concluded successfully. INVT works together with global partners to join the new wave of global digital industry, create an international development pattern of win-win cooperation and mutual benefit, and create an intelligent industrial ecological chain around the world. INVT will continue to adhere to the principles of openness and cooperation and join hands with global partners to create a bright future for the intelligent industry ecosystem!