General Secretary Xi Jinping inspects Chongqing and the digital base comes from INVT!

Time of issue:2024-04-24


During General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection of Chongqing from April 22 to 23, places such as Chongqing International Logistics Hub Park, the Democratic Village Community of Xiejiawan Street in Jiulongpo District, and the Chongqing Digital City Operation and Management Center became the focus of social attention.


INVT's data center energy solutions have been successfully applied in these key places, providing energy-saving, efficient, stable, and reliable infrastructure support for Chongqing to build a new western land-sea corridor, and promoting smoother logistics. At the same time, these solutions also help urban renewal proceed smoothly, greatly improve residents' quality of life, and continuously improve the modernization level of urban governance, making urban operations more intelligent and efficient.


Let us applaud Chongqing’s development and progress and be proud of INVT's data center energy solutions. These technologies and solutions will continue to contribute to the prosperity and development of cities, making our lives better!