Good news--won the "2022 Manufacturing Single Champion Enterprise" title | INVT Power

Time of issue:2023-04-12


Recently, after INVT Power's "Modular UPS Power Supply" product won the title of "Shenzhen Manufacturing Industry Single Champion Product", it has successfully won the title of "Guangdong Province 2022 Manufacturing Single Champion Enterprise". This honor represents INVT Power's outstanding achievements in the field of power supply manufacturing in 2022, mainly reflected in technological innovation, quality control, production efficiency, service system, etc.


2-Good news--won the 2022 Manufacturing Individual Champion Enterprise title INVT Power


As a single champion enterprise in the Guangdong provincial manufacturing industry, INVT Power has been focusing on the power supply industry, accumulated rich experience and technology in long-term practice, and gradually formed a unique core competitiveness. Its production technology and process have been at the international leading level, and it has always maintained a high level of competitiveness in product design, manufacturing process, quality management and other aspects. In addition, INVT Power also pays attention to the quality and performance of products, and continuously introduces high-quality products that meet market demand, which has won the trust and support of customers.


INVT Power's products mainly cover various types, including UPS uninterruptible power supply, communication power supply, electric power supply, storage battery and so on. Products are widely used in government, taxation, power communication, data center, medical treatment, transportation and other fields, as well as various industrial automation equipment, precision instruments and meters, optical fiber communication and other industries. In these fields, INVT Power's product share ranks among the top in the country, and is well received and recognized by customers.


Winning the title of provincial-level manufacturing single champion enterprise this time is a recognition of INVT Power's industry-leading R&D and innovation capabilities, operating benefits, management capabilities, and talent reserves. INVT Power will take this opportunity to further strengthen its technological innovation and management innovation, provide customers with more efficient, reliable and energy-saving power supply products and services, and make positive contributions to the development of the industry. At the same time, the company will continue to uphold the core values of "customer achievement, performance orientation, openness and win-win, hard work and innovation", continuously improve the quality of products and services, create greater value for customers, and make greater contributions to society.