Share Games, Share Dreams—INVT Modularized UPS for 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Ga

Time of issue:2014-09-30


On August 16, 2014, the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games had a grand opening ceremony in Nanjing, and President Xi Jinping was invited to attend the opening ceremony. It is the second Olympic Games held in China, following Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. After successfully providing UPS for Sochi Games, INVT was again invited to serve Nanjing Youth Olympic Games with several models of modularized UPS. Depending on excellent performance for the opening and closing ceremony, INVT UPS has fully expressed its superior quality and advanced technology.


The Youth Olympic Games, one of the highest-level competitions in the world, is especially organized for young people to show their great athletic talents. It is also an educational experience for the young generation to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. In July 5, 2007, the 119th plenary session of International Olympic Committee was held in Guatemala City, where all participants reached a unanimous decision to hold the Youth Olympic Games. In 2010, the 1st Summer Youth Olympic Games was held in Singapore, and China has the honor to hold the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing City.


As the host of the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games, Nanjing Municipal Government paid high attention to the preparation and organization of the Games, from layout of venues, selection of UPS supplier, slogan for campaign, design of emblem to opening ceremony performance, to ensure every thing will go on well and smoothly. Besides, in response to the theme of the Games and answering to the call to save energy and control cost, the organizing committee cut down several venues to hold special Youth Olympic Games. Due to excellent performance in energy conservation and environmental protection, INVT UPS was finally selected by the organizing committee.  


It is said the UPS that INVT provided for 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games is the second-generation RM series modularized products, featuring full digitalization, advanced achievements in power electronics and auto control, nearly 30 technology patents, and great improvement in stability, availability and maintainability. In addition, RM series modularized UPS absorbs technical features of traditional tower-type UPS and suits the demand of modern machine room, therefore, it achieves high stability in power supply. The capacity of a single UPS is 300KVA and that of parallel combination will reach 900KVA, which is applicable to large or super large venues for power supply. This UPS also achieves the greatest power density and the footprint size is reduced to 0.66M², which facilitates saving space according to the keynote of 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games. Depending on stable performance, high reliability and high efficiency, INVT UPS worked very well during the period of 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games.


As a pioneering enterprise in UPS industry, INVT is dedicated to providing superior products and considerate services for worldwide customers. Relying on core technology and independent intellectual property, NVT UPS reaches high reliability and high cost performance and has been highly appraised by all customers. In the future, INVT will pursue technological innovation and keep developing more products with high stability and great performance so as to build itself into a respected enterprise in power supply and power electronics industry.