State-of-the-art single phase UPS

Time of issue:2012-01-05


December, 2011, INVT released the new generation of single phase 10kVA and 6kVA UPS products. Offering four models with standard backup time of 10kVA and 6kVA, long backup time 10kVA and 6kVA, these models owns the following state-of-the-art design:


1. 0.9 output power factor, offer more power capability for the load.


2. Incredible high efficiency, up to 93% AC to AC efficiency for 10kVA model.


3. Optimized thermal design, more margin for operation in high temperature environment.


4. Large LCD interface, offer plenty of operation information.


5. Flexible local and remote control software, easy application for system integration.


6. Lasted DSP technology, offer best performance and realize all range of protections for the load and UPS itself.


7. Conformal coating for all the PCBs, increased the reliability for critical environment.


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