Energy saving innovation

Time of issue:2012-11-24


As the leading powerful innovation force in China, INVT released three-phase stand alone and modular UPS products based on three-level technology, the first company in Asia.


Moving from transformer based SCR technology, to IGBT rectifier, people never stop looking for energy saving technology for UPS products. In recent years, the engineers are trying to focus on several points such as multi-level, soft switching, new topology, etc. Three-level technology, which is already applied in lots of power electronic products, becomes one of the


Most important candidates.


The benefits of three-level technology include:


1.Higher efficiency, up to 95% for a three-phase 20kva stand alone UPS, which is incredible before.


2.Smaller footprint, higher power density.


3.Lower audible noise.


4.Better electrical performance, such as transient response, lower output THDu, etc.


To achieve three-level technology into high power UPS products, the designer should have to handle many technical difficulties, such as three-level IGBT drive and protection, control algorithm, high density layout, etc.


HT33 three-phase stand alone UPS, and RM modular UPS, which produced in INVT Shenzhen factory, are three-level technology based energy saving products. With more than 5000 installations in more than 45 ries, INVT has proven the technology is not only advanced but also reliable.