INVT Power won the tender of intermediate court successfully

Time of issue:2013-10-18


Harvest season is coming, good news received from the market, INVT Power won a municipal intermediate court.


Reportedly, the Intermediate People's Court was established in 1950, currently has 18 departments , and five grassroots people's courts under jurisdiction.


RM200 series model won this tender, INVT UPS POWER, compared with the current market, it uses high integrated IGBT modules, as opposed to conventional discrete IGBT devices, integrated IGBT module has great electrical current breaking capacity, without parallel power modules, it meets the power module needs, also integrated freewheeling diode, meanwhile, it reducing the risk in design and production process.


By adopting an integrated IGBT modules, RM series products not only achieve high efficiency, low power consumption, but also ensure the power module and system reliability. At the same time , with high-end modular design, it makes each module is equipped with self-control function, the system doesn’t rely on any central control unit, avoid single point of failure risk, and reduce the average time to repair (MTTR), which makes maintenance work much easier.


It is reported that the successful INVT modular UPS also has a fairly advanced SMS alarm function, when there is any abnormal in engine room environment, the system will immediately and automatically send text messages to the engine room administrator to alert the user, it provides the high safety and warning function for the engine room.


INVT UPS POWER, with its reliable and high-quality advantage, won the intermediate court tender successfully. INVT UPS POWER is the best choice for the majority of users.