High-tech Enterprise Certificate award of Invt Power System Company

Time of issue:2014-04-11


On the date of Feb.21,2014, Invt power system co., ltd was awarded a national high-tech enterprise certificate (NO. GR201344200805, validity:3-yrs,issue date:Oct.11,2013)) by Shenzhen Science Technology Innovation commission, Shenzhen Finance Committee, Shenzhen State Administration of Taxation, Shenzhen Local Taxation,


Such a honorable certificate award reflects completely strong support from our government to the development of high-tech enterprise, and affirms high-tech composition, innovative power supply products, strong R & D capability of Invt.


We acquired such an identification pleasantly, relevant state tax-policy support consequently, and we are in priority to have relevant support from local government concerned in civil construction, R & D etc, moreover, we will have strong support to attend critical industry tenders.


In future, we will intensify new products R & D and continuous self-innovation of technique, keep _disibledevent="MsoNormal">