Over 500 INVT Patents by 2014

Time of issue:2014-07-18


Recently, INVT and its subsidiaries obtained letter of 8 patents issued by State Intellectual Property Office, including 2 patents for invention, 5 patents for utility models and 1 design patent, together with three patented equipment, i.e. a brake unit and power conversion equipment (patent No.: ZL201110316763.3), a connecting structure and electronic device (patent No.: ZL201320341923.4) and a wireless communication server (patent No.: ZL201330344876.4).


As a key hi-tech enterprise under national Torch Project, INVT is dedicated to becoming the world’s pioneering and respected enterprise in providing industrial automation and power products and services. It has R&D centers in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Xi’an and other cities, as well as a national lab certified by CNAS, which is also the only lab in China that obtained ACT certificate from TUV SUD. INVT has been taken the lead in domestic and even international industrial automation and power industry. As of February, 2014, the number of patents that INVT has applied reached 505 (including 191 patents for invention, 10 PCT, 5 European patents, 221 patents for utility models, 78 design patent and 134 software copyrights).


This success in obtaining new patents demonstrates powerful strength of INVT, paves the way for INVT in further exploiting market, facilitates INVT giving full play to their independent intellectual property and establishing mechanism of innovation, and helps INVT to be in the lead in domestic and even international industrial automation and power industry so as to enhance its competitiveness.