INVT Power "6A" Service Brand’s Features!

Time of issue:2015-01-25


With INVT market’s rapid development, customers’ expectations for after sales service has increasingly escalated, making well-thought and meticulous service, an important factor in improving company reputation with customers. Following a "market-oriented, customer-centric" core concept, INVT Power’s "6A service" after sales service brand, is precisely such a real service commitment provided to customers to further improve service quality. "6A" refers to providing an ultimate service experience for customers during the 6 critical customer service processes, so that customers can experience convenient accessibility, are highly valued, and receive safe, professional, caring and reliable services.


Convenient Accessibility

Provide 24-hour hotline, official website, QQ, WeChat, fax, expert email and many other channels to receive customer service applications, ensuring customers can contact INVT Power anytime, any, through their preferred method.


Highly Valued

Assign customer service within 15 minutes, and engineer response within one hour, reflecting the high value put on customers.



Leverage 23 distribution outlets across the country, 18 t warranty centers, and 10 service partners, to achieve service commitment of reaching site within 24 hours, to minimize customers’ psychological burden.



Solve onsite problems within 48 hours, and effectively respond to technical Q & A.



Visit customers within 72 hours, care for customers’ equipment operation, and communicate with customers regarding service satisfaction.



Provide maintenance reports within 7 days, and make suggestions and strategies according to client’s system, guaranteeing customers’ rights to understand the equipment.


"6A service" brand’s release, is not just INVT Power’s new attempt in the service field, but also reflects INVT Power’s years of continuous improvement on its service system. From the initial establishment of the Service Department, to the construction of the Customer Service Center with four major business divisions, the establishment of a training platform including the Networking Academy, Operation Training Room and Scenario Simulation, holding the national service skills contest, to the release of "6A service" brand, INVT has constantly provided dynamic and vital services.

Strict management and proper use of unified standards of the service logo will provide us with a more efficient, clearer and more popular market image. Though brand as a symbol of products and services is intangible, it does exist in customers’ minds. The enterprise’s tremendous overall strength, improved management mechanism, high-quality products and services, are all represented within the logo, and it can only deeply impress customers through continuous events confirming and repeating this characterization.

Service brand value is mainly delivered through interaction between customers and service personnel. Customers get to understand brand features via service staff, or even equate the brand itself to service personnel. So whether service personnel can understand brand positioning, use it as their own code of conduct, and provide superior customer value in the service process, plays a vital, decisive role for the formation of good customer experience, thereby building brand trust.


Service branding is an ongoing process, however as the branding spreads, well “said” is not enough, and rather it has to be well “done”. The service brand comes by actual “action”, therefore each service personnel is the most effective and authoritative ambassador to spread it.


Service brand building must convey a consistent brand value inside and out, and internalize brand positioning into the company’s internal organization and operations. Only then can it ensure the creation of outstanding customer value and formation of brand trust that will open the service brand’s path.


As Industrial Automation Control enters the high-end, smart, systematic solutions era, a service brand seems to be a necessary requirement for each Industrial Automation Control equipment manufacturer. So it is only through differentiation that one can excel among numerous vendors. For INVT, the "6A service" brand does not seek to maximize monetary value, but to strive for excellence through the "convenient accessibility, highly valued, safe, professional, caring and reliable" six service experience, so that customers can feel honesty, warmth and sincerity in the service process. This way, customers will work together with INVT to achieve greater market success, and open a new chapter in history, for INVT Power’s services.