With over 640 patents INVT leads the domestic market

Time of issue:2015-03-11


Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office reviewed 10 patents (namely, 1 invention, 7 utility models and 2 appearance patents) from INVT and its subsidiaries, and awarded patent certificates. Of these, patents were awarded for a data processing method and relevant apparatus (patent No. ZL 2012 1 0319266.3), a new master control board circuit (Patent No. ZL 2013 2 0609586.2), and for an explosion-proof frequency converter module (Patent No. ZL 2014 3 0175039.8). Thanks to its innovative spirit and limitless investments in innovative ideas, INVT has so far received over 640 patents.


As a National Pilot Program Key High-tech Enterprise, INVT has worked hard to become 0ne of the world's leading product and service providers, and is highly esteemed in industrial automation and energy power sectors. It has now set up numerous R&D centers in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Xi'an and other cities, and a CNAS national laboratory, the o nly laboratory in domestic industrial control industry holding ACT Qualification issued by Germany TUV SUD, and possessing numerous first-class technologies in domestic and international industrial automation and energy power sectors. As of December 2014, INVT has 640 different types of patent applications (including 240 patents for inventions, 15 PCT patents, 6 European patents, 263 patents for utility models and 116 appearance patents), and also has 151 software copyrights. It is regarded as a leader among domestic peers with regards to number of patents and software copyrights.


This achievement highlights INVT's strong R&D capabilities, prepares the ground for future market development, and enables INVT to showcase its advantages in proprietary intellectual property rights, and its persistent and active innovative culture. 0n the other hand, it enables INVT to maintain technical leadership in industrial automation and energy power sectors, and greatly enhances the company’s core competitiveness.