INVT Collection of Children’s Paintings for the Desk Calendar 2016

Time of issue:2015-09-30


Little boys and girls, is that your dream to be a little painter? Now INVT is giving a good chance and inviting you to design the Desk Calendar 2016?INVT, the painting theme is "protect our earth and have a good life"; you may paint your imagination on the paper by pencil, brush pen, colored pencil or wax pencil; come on, boys and girls, take the pencil and make your dream come true! Everybody has unconstrained imagination in an innocent childhood,Daddy and Mummy, let your little painter take the pencil and draw the home garden and good life in his/her mind!


1. Theme: Protect our earth and have a good life


2. Time: from July 20, 2015 to September 20, 2015


3. Ages: 2-10 years old (children of INVT’s staffs, cooperators and users, or recommended by them)


4. Requirements:


* Painting by hand with the theme of "protect our earth and have a good life", INVT's logo must be a part of your works.


* Size: A3 paper or smaller.


* On the back side writing: subject of your works, painter's name and age, relationship with INVT, name and email of contact person


5. Submitting Your Works:


Please take pictures both of the front side and back side with the resolution above 300DPI by mobile phone or camera, and send to us via or INVT Facebook.


6. Appraisal:


* Appraisal team will be comprised of employed art experts and INVT staff representatives under the rule of “fair, just and open”.


* After the preliminary selection by the sponsor at the end of September, the excellent works will enter final appraisal.


* Appraisal standard: conformity with the theme (40%), artistry (30%), imagination (30%), good idea will be a plus.


7. Prize:


we will appraise and select 12 excellent works to produce the Desk Calendar 2016?INVT, which will be published as advertising report; additionally the prize owners will be conferred with a beautiful commemorative desk calendar for a good memory!


8. Notices:


* One painter, one works, creative idea of your own is a must, copying others of painting on behalf shall not be accepted; painter shall be responsible for any legal liability arising from the works.


* All works shall not be returned and the sponsor reserves the right of use of those works. INVT shall have the right of printing, publishing and publicizing the works once it’s submitted.


* The result of appraisal will be given on INVT Facebook before the end of September 2015; Tel: +86-755-86312906


* The sponsor shall reserve the right of final interpretation for this event.