INVT Power Winning Two Awards of Data Center--"Excellent Solution Provider" and "Innovative Product"

Time of issue:2017-11-16


INVT RM Series Rack-mounted Modularized UPS won 2016~2017 Data Center Product Innovation Award and Shenzhen INVT Power Co., Ltd. won 2016~2017 Excellent Data Center Solution Provider Award at the "Intelligent Information Technology and Service Summit and 2017 Intelligent Data Center Construction and Operation Forum" (hereinafter referred to as the Summit) guided by Beijing Institute of Electronics, hosted by Computer Committee of Beijing Institute of Electronics and China Green Data Center Advancing Federation, co-organized by Beijing Information Science and Technology University and Beijing Key Laboratory of Internet Culture and Digital Communication, and undertaken by Magazine of UPS Applications and on October 25, 2017.


Invt Power System(ShenZhen)Co., Ltd.


In the theme of "Base Intelligence on Innovation and Development by Integration and Innovation", the Summit convened elites from all circles including experts, scholars, manufacturer representatives, and industrial users from data center, automation, artificial intelligence and intelligent fabrication to discuss application and development of artificial intelligence and data center, explore innovative patterns and communicate on solutions by in-depth interpretation and comprehensive analysis of authoritative scholars and industrial experts.


At the Summit, China Green Data Center Advancing Federation commended and conferred units of outstanding accomplishments and providers of products, technologies and solutions of boosting quick development of data center in the field of data center with awards and certificates.


Invt Power System(ShenZhen)Co., Ltd.


INVT RM Series Rack-mounted Modularized UPS won 2016~2017 Data Center Product Innovation Award at the Summit by ultra-high product performance and flexible way to install. It is an online bi-conversion UPS product of hot plug and high extensibility whose system capacity is 25-200 kVA. Supporting three-phase input and output and bi-conversion online working mode and applying to IDC (Internet Data Center), web server and workstation, control system, communication system, application in office environment and other fields, it is an ideal choice of modernized data center.


Invt Power System(ShenZhen)Co., Ltd.


In the meantime, premium solutions and numerous successful application and construction cases of INVT Data Center Series enabled INVT to win 2016~2017 Excellent Data Center Solution Provider Award.


INVT Modularized Data Center Infrastructure Solution integrates all sub-systems such as cabinet, power supply and distribution, cooling, monitoring and wiring and supports flexible ways of deployment of closed cooling channels of single cabinet, single row of cabinets, and double rows of cabinets. It is characterized by high density, modularization, high reliability, availability, flexible configuration and quick deployment, simple installation, green and energy conservation, complete intelligence monitoring, etc. So far, INVT has provided 3 solutions including Yingzhi, Weizhi and Tengzhi to meet miniature, small-scale, medium- and large-scale market demands for data center respectively.


All the time, INVT has kept penetrating market sense and made constant exploration and innovation. Every year, it rolls out industrially leading and practical products in high performance oriented in market demand to assure and meet ever-changing market and customer demand. In future development, it is expected to continue to insist on the "market-oriented and customer-centered" business policy and continuously launch competitive products and solutions.