INVT 2kVA tower online UPS goes well with Wind power project

Time of issue:2020-10-16


Recently, INVT HT1102L UPS was selected to provide products and services for the 100MW wind power control power transformation project in Xinjiang Mulei Kazak Autonomous County. The HT1102L UPS product of INVT's low-power section, with its high reliability and high performance, ensures the continuous and stable operation of the wind power system.


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Mulei Kazak Autonomous County is located in the northern foot of the Tianshan Mountains, the southeastern edge of the Junggar Basin, in the temperate desert of northern Xinjiang, and the ancient Silk Road Xinbei Road. The annual average temperature here is 5-6℃. The winter is long and warm, and the summer is short and cool. In the extreme environment of severe cold and strong wind, INVT HT1102L power supply products are equipped with the key link of wind power generation-wind power converter, to ensure the uninterrupted operation capability of the system when the voltage drops.


INVT HT1102L product is a single-phase uninterruptible power supply system, which adopts double-conversion online topology, can provide stable and reliable sine wave power, output power factor is as high as 0.9, and the efficiency of the whole machine exceeds 95%. It can not only provide safe power supply for wind power generation, but also reduce operating costs. It has the advantages of long battery life, three-proof circuit board protection, super overload characteristics, super wide input voltage range, stable performance, and reliable application.


Invt Power System(ShenZhen)Co., Ltd.


The advantages of HT11 Series


1. Battery life

INVT HT11 series UPS products, a full range of intelligent battery management solutions, ensure the efficient use and long-term life of battery packs.


2. Three-proof protection

Due to the large dust in the desert area, all PCB boards have three-proof protection, and the replacement screws are anti-rust type. INVT HT11 series UPS products have successfully withstood the test of salt spray, humidity and dust, and improved UPS reliability under various harsh environments.


3. Super overload characteristics

Because the wind power load has circuit breakers and inductive cables of the air circuit breaker, the inductive load has a huge impact at the moment of conduction. At present, the 10kVA UPS in the same industry has an output power factor of 0.7/0.8 and a load power of 7kW/8kW. The INVT HT11 series UPS products have an output power factor of 0.9/1, which has a super load capacity and guarantees output reliability.


4. Ultra-wide input voltage range

Single input and single output: 110V-288V AC input, suitable for remote areas and environments with large power grid fluctuations, reducing the number of battery discharges, thereby extending battery life.


As a high-end power supply solution provider, INVT’s HT1102L products are used in sparsely populated and difficult-to-maintain desert wind farms. With its high reliability and high performance, it ensures the trust of the wind power industry.


INVT Power will continue to create more excellent products to bring customers a better experience. Assist the development of the domestic UPS power supply industry and make every effort to provide value-for-money products and services to make customers more competitive.