INVT Power won two UPS industry brand honor awards

Time of issue:2021-05-26


On May 14, 2021, the Data Center Infrastructure Carbon Neutral Technology Innovation Summit Forum was held at the Beijing International Convention Center. With the theme of “Gathering Intelligence and Innovation for Development and Joint Efforts to Promote Carbon Neutrality”, this conference will analyze and discuss the energy-saving and efficiency-enhancing, upgrading and transformation of data centers.




INVT Power and Net Energy were invited to attend this conference and won the awards of "Top 10 UPS Enterprise Brands in 2020" and "Most Growth Brand".



In this selection, the "Data Center Construction+" magazine conducted full research in multiple dimensions through market data, research materials, user satisfaction feedback, expert recommendations, and media information, combined with brand market share, manufacturer production scale, and product technology innovation highlights. The UPS power supply and data center manufacturers have been evaluated and selected by indicators such as environmental protection and environmental protection.


INVT Power and INVT Network Energy, as data center energy solution providers, actively follow the idea of ​​“building a platform by the country, gathering resources on the platform, resource service innovation, and innovating and developing industries”, closely focusing on the theme of technological innovation, and integrating the resources of the technological innovation alliance. Serving the national development strategy, organizing exhibitions of technological innovation projects and the promotion of technological innovation projects.


INVT has successively assisted the construction of Yunnan Airport Group Co., Ltd Lijiang Airport project, FAHZU project construction and operation and maintenance, successfully provided products and services for its power distribution automation UPS power supply transformation project, and launched a micro-module data center integrated solution.