INVT won the honor of "Single Champion Product of Shenzhen Manufacturing Industry"

Time of issue:2023-01-11


On January 6, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of the first batch of single champion enterprises (products) in Shenzhen's manufacturing industry. INVT Group's "Inverter" and INVT Power's "Modular Online UPS" products won the title of "Single Champion Product of Shenzhen Manufacturing Industry". This is the first time that Shenzhen has selected this project, and only 35 companies have passed the title of "Shenzhen Manufacturing Single Champion Product".


Notice on Publicizing the List of the First Batch of Single Champion Enterprises (Products) in Shenzhen's Manufacturing Industry


List of the first batch of single champion products of Shenzhen manufacturing industry


The individual champions of Shenzhen's manufacturing industry include Shenzhen's manufacturing individual champion demonstration enterprises and Shenzhen's manufacturing individual champion products. Manufacturing enterprises or industrial products whose technological innovation capability, production technology or process has reached the international and domestic advanced level, and the market share of a single product ranks among the top in the global or domestic industry.


The award is a recognition that INVT has reached the industry's advanced level in multiple dimensions such as R&D and innovation capabilities, operating benefits, management capabilities, and talent reserves. In the future, facing the opportunities of the Belt and Road and dual cycle development under the background of the country's "dual carbon", INVT will give full play to the leading role of technological innovation, focusing on industrial automation and energy and power fields to improve the basic capabilities of the industry and the modernization level of the industrial chain.