INVT Power won the bid from the Guangdong Broadcasting and Television Network Co., Ltd.

Time of issue:2021-12-08


Recently, INVT Power with its rich project implementation experience and highly competitive products, won the bid for the “Concentrated Purchase Project of UPS Tower High Frequency Unit of Guangdong Broadcasting and Television Network Co., Ltd.” in one fell swoop!


winning the bid of Guangdong Broadcasting and Television Network Co., Ltd. - INVT Power


In this centralized procurement, INVT won the bid to include HT11 (single phase in, single phase out), HT31 (three phase in, three phase out), HT33 (three phase in, three phase out) series of tower UPS power supplies. , This series of products have ideal power supply quality and load protection, rich options, fully digital control, ultra-wide input voltage and frequency range, intelligent system self-diagnosis program, rich fault records, large-capacity history record storage space and other performance Features. Widely used in various industries such as government, finance, communications, transportation, meteorology, radio and television, industrial and commercial taxation, medical and health, energy and power.


The winning of the bid is a high affirmation of INVT power supply's R&D technology, product quality, after-sales service, market reputation, and brand strength. Reflecting the trust and support of Guangdong Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd. for INVT brand products, INVT Power will always uphold technological innovation and lead the development of science and technology in the power era, and create more reliable, efficient and energy-saving for the majority of new and old customers and the industry. Make unremitting efforts for the products.


INVT has been deeply involved in the digitalization of various industries for more than ten years. Since the country proposed a new infrastructure strategy and a "dual-carbon" policy, the company has seized new opportunities in the field of in-depth cultivation, guided by market demand, and developed products through technological empowerment and problem mining. Do sophisticated services and deepen, and strive to seize the commanding heights of the market.