Six common terms of UPS

Time of issue:2022-04-14


frequency variation: It usually refers to the change of mains power frequency of UPS exceeding 3Hz. The root cause is the unstable operation of emergency diesel generator or power distribution equipment with unstable frequency.

brownout: It refers to that the effective value of mains voltage is lower than the rated voltage and lasts for a long time. The causes include: operation and application of machinery and equipment, transformation of main cables, operation of large, medium and small motors, line load, etc.

power fai1: It refers to the situation that the mains power of UPS is finally cut off and lasts for at least 2 cycles to several hours. The causes include: tripping of circuit breaker on the line, interruption of mains power supply, common problems of power network, etc.

SNMP: It is Simple Network Management Protocol. Its practical significance is to enable computers and peripherals to connect Internet technology immediately without passing through computers, and let the software system carry out management schemes. Advanced UPS usually has an optional SNMP network management method jack, which can make the UPS easily connected to Internet technology.

IGBT: It is Insulated GateBipolar Transistor, which is a kind of power crystal. The UPS using this kind of crystal design scheme can effectively improve the high efficiency of the product, and has various advantages such as good power quality, high efficiency, less heat loss, low noise, small body shape and long service life of the product.

Isolation transformer: It refers to problems such as laboratory instruments or misoperation caused by zero ground working voltage of electrical equipment when laboratory instruments are used with general UPS. In order to avoid this kind of situation, some advanced UPS are designed to provide the UPS of the isolation transformer design scheme for this problem. Through the cooperation of special design schemes, the derived zero ground working voltage can be less than 1 volt to avoid the above problems. In addition, it also has the effect of noise filtering.