What is the composition of UPS power supply equipment

Time of issue:2022-10-28


UPS is an uninterrupted power supply. It is usually one of the engineering subsystems of the weak current room, connecting the battery with the host equipment, and is mainly used to provide stability and uninterrupted power supply for the equipment. An energy conversion device that uses battery chemical energy as backup energy to continuously provide (AC) electrical energy for user equipment when grid failures such as mains power outages occur.

What is a power supply device?

1. The rectifier, single-phase or three-phase AC mains is input to the rectifier through the matching isolation transformer. When the mains voltage changes within the range of ±100%, the output DC voltage of the rectifier is stable within 15%±1%.

2. The inverter adopts high-frequency carrier sine pulse width modulation technology igbt inverter module to convert DC voltage into standard sine wave AC voltage, and provides stable voltage to AC load equipment after output isolation. High-quality working power supply with stable frequency.

3. Battery, when the municipal voltage is under-voltage or faulty, the battery connected to the DC terminal will automatically and uninterruptedly provide electricity. When the DC screen discharges, a signal is emitted. If the discharge reaches the limit voltage, the system will transfer to the backup power source. When approaching the termination discharge voltage, the system will issue a warning signal. When using the dual AC model for utility power or backup power, it will switch to battery power when both AC inputs fail.

4. Static switch and static switch can continuously complete bypass and inverter switch functions, which can be completed automatically or manually.

5. Intelligent monitoring through 232/485. Passive contacts for intelligent monitoring. The power transmitter transmits the working status and data dcs to the UPS in real time to realize the intelligent monitoring system.