The importance of battery in UPS power supply system

Time of issue:2022-11-09


In the UPS power supply system, it can be said that the battery is the backbone of the system. A UPS without a battery can only be called a voltage-stabilized and frequency-stabilized power supply. With a battery UPS, an uninterruptible power supply can be realized. In the design of the UPS, what type of battery should be considered, the rated voltage of the battery, the capacity, and the number of battery packs used is important.


The battery has small self-discharge, long floating charge life and strong overcharge resistance. Therefore, when purchasing a battery for a UPS system, you should first pay attention to whether it is a special battery for UPS. After continuous charging for more than 8 hours, use a certain resistance battery Conduct a discharge test with a resistive load, measure the terminal voltage of the battery at regular intervals during discharge, and draw a graph of the ratio of the terminal voltage drop over time. The battery with a slow voltage drop is the best. Within 6 months after the start of use, the float voltage value may be unstable. This is a normal phenomenon and will gradually balance. The better the consistency of the test in the future, the better the quality of the battery.