Integrated Data Center Solution

The Products are reliable,simple and convenient,intelligent management that provide all-in-one configurations for customers.

iSmart Series Integrated Cabinet Solution

iSmart Series Micro & Small Integrated Data Center Solution, also know as the mini & micro integrated data center, integrates UPS, air conditioner, power distribution module, monitoring system, temperature and humidity detection, light and access control in a standard 19-inch server cabinet. All equipment is pre-installed and precommissioned in the factory. The on-site installation is easy and convenient, which can realize rapid deployment, occupy less area, and comes with remote web interface monitoring function, which can realize remote operation and maintenance of a site.

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iWit Series Medium-Sized Integrated Data Center Solution

The Medium-Sized Integrated Data Center Solution integrates all needed equipment into cabinet with closed hot and cold aisles. The overall area of a single cabinet is 0.84㎡, which is suitable for computer rooms within 20-60㎡. We can provide customers with all options and you can choose according to your needs.

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iLegend Container Data Center Solution

iLegend series container data center adopts integrated design (All-in-one), meeting the demand of outdoor small and medium-sized data center construction with fast deployment, fast delivery and flexible movement.

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