INVT continues to rank second in China's modular UPS market share!

Time of issue:2024-06-06


Recently, CCID, a third-party authoritative organization, released the "2022-2023 China UPS Market Research Annual Report". The report shows that in 2023, INVT Power modular UPS products ranked second in China's UPS market share. So far, Huawei modular UPS has ranked second in China's modular UPS market share for eight consecutive years.


INVT continues to rank second in China's modular UPS market share!


As the power heart of the data center, the reliability and availability of UPS are important guarantees for the stable power supply and efficient operation of the data center. Modular UPS has obvious advantages in volume, energy consumption, availability, and elastic expansion compared with the early industrial frequency UPS and high-frequency tower UPS.


The success of INVT Power modular UPS products is inseparable from its continuous efforts in technology research and development, product innovation, and market layout. As a fully digital control power supply product at the forefront of the industry, INVT Power modular UPS concentrates on advanced technologies in the fields of power electronics and automatic control and has won unanimous recognition from customers with high reliability, high quality, and high-cost performance.


At present, INVT UPS power supply and distribution solutions have been widely used in many industries such as operators, government, Colo, finance, and manufacturing, and have achieved remarkable results in achieving energy saving and carbon reduction, reliable power supply, etc. in data centers in various industries.


Looking to the future, INVT Power will continue to uphold the core values ​​of "customer success, performance orientation, openness, and win-win, hard work and innovation". With the advent of digitalization and low carbonization, it will give full play to its industry-leading role, continue to innovate, strive for excellence, and bring forth new products and technologies. It will provide customers and partners with higher-density, more efficient, and more reliable UPS power supply solutions, helping the digital world to run firmly.