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  • Product Name: Smart Charging Module


  • Modular and hot-swappable design

Modular and hot-swappable design, the same size and outlook as 20kVA/15kVA power module based RML series

  • Large charging current

Each power module can provide a maximum current of50A and charging current can be set from 0-50A

  • Compatibility

Compatible with 20kVA/15kVA power module based RMLseries, easy for the UPS to expand charging capacity

  • Display

A high resolution LCD is placed in front of the panel. User can conveniently view the charging parameter in real time

Smart Charging Module is designed for large current charging application where long back up time is required. The charging module is compatible with 20kVA/15kVA power module based RML series and can provide additional maximum current of 50A×N.

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