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Uninterruptible Power Supply
INVT UPS power supply is the leading all-digital power product, which has integrated the most advanced technology achievements in power electronics and automatic control fields with nearly 30 patents. Power supply reliability, availability, maintainability of the critical equipment have gained ground-breaking improvement, which can provide


Date Center Solution
ISmart series and Integrated data center slolution are the highly integrated products, with centralized monitoring and intelligent management, provide a good operating environment for network equipment and are the best choice for small and medium data center.


Modular UPS
Three phase 3:3 Online Modular UPS ,capacity range 10 -1500kVA .
Module Choices: 10KVA,15KVA, 20KVA,25KVA, 30KVA,40KVA, 50KVA. 30PCS modules can be paralleled, max up to 1.5MW.
System Cabinet: 600KVA is the Max, Centralized Bypass, Isolated air flow, Conformal coating, Friendly HMI and Intelligent monitoring 


3/3 Standalone UPS
Three phase 3:3 Online Standalone Tower & Rack UPS, capacity range 10-500KVA.
System Cabinet: 10-500KVA, Adapt the modular technology as well.
Feature: Offers advanced technology that increase performance and reliability, three-level high speed DSPs with completed digital control 


Single phase UPS
Single phase 1:1 Online Tower & Rack UPS, capacity range 1-20KVA;
&Three phase 3:1 Online Tower UPS, capacity range 10-40KVA;
Features: Online double-conversion UPS with fully DSP controlled technology.


208V&120V UPS
Capacity range 1-400KVA.
Features: with high performance and reliability.
fully DSP controlled and PFC technology to provide reliable power supply to critical load.


With experienced expertise, we offering auxiliary product: battery and hot swap battery cabinet, energy absorbing unit,bypass cabinet and
power distribution unit, to guarantee the complete solutions for your power.