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Single phase UPS
Single phase 1:1 Online Tower & Rack UPS, capacity range 1-20KVA;
&Three phase 3:1 Online Tower UPS, capacity range 10-40KVA;
Features: Online double-conversion UPS with fully DSP controlled technology.
High input and output power factor, PF=1(6-10KVA),efficiency up to 95% , 


BU Series Offline UPS 600-3000VA

HR11 Series Rack Online UPS 1-10kVA (220V/230V/240V))

HT11 Series Tower Online UPS 1-3kVA (220V/230V/240V)

HT11 Series Tower Online UPS 6-20kVA (220V/230V/240V)

HT31 Series Tower Online UPS 10-40kVA (220V/230V/240V)

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