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HR11 Series Rack Online UPS 1-10kVA (220V/230V/240V))
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HR11 Series Rack Online UPS 1-10kVA (220V/230V/240V))

Application Case
Common features:
·Wide range of input voltage while input PF>99%
·19” standard cabinet and battery cabinet
·Full protection of overvoltage, circuit short and over temperature
·LCD/LED display, monitoring all the operation status
·Automatic fan speed adjustment
·Abundant interface: RS232,USB, SNMP, Intelligent Card
Unique features:
·High efficiency, up to 95%
·kVA=kW, output PF=1
·Intelligent charging management, effectively improving the life time of battery
·3 level of technology, compatible with complicated load
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MODEL HR1101S HR1102S HR1103S HR1106XS HR1110XS
HR1101L HR1102L HR1103L HR1106XL HR1110XL
Capacity 1kVA 2kVA 3kVA 6kVA 10kVA
Input voltage range 110VAC-288VAC
100% load@>176VAC; 80% load@>154VAC 100% load@>176VAC; 90% load@>160VAC
70% load@>132VAC; 50% load@>110VAC 80% load@>140VAC; 60% load@>110VAC
Input frequency 40-70Hz
Input PF ≥0.97 ≥0.99
Voltage regulation ±1 %
Output frequency 50/60Hz
Output PF 0.9 1.0
Overload capability
(Inverter mode)
105%-130%: to bypass 1 min;
150%: to bypass after 30 sec
110%: for 10 min;
125%: for 1 min;
150%: for 30sec
Overload capability
(Battery mode)
105%-130%: shutdown after 10 sec;
150%: shutdown after 5 sec
110%: shutdown after 10 min;
130%: shutdown after 10 sec;
>130%: shutdown after 200 ms
Crest factor 3:01
Efficiency 87% 91% 90% 95%
Display LED+LCD
Battery voltage 36VDC 72VDC 96VDC 192VDC
Battery type/number 12V,7Ah*3 12V,7Ah*6 12V,7Ah*8 12V,7Ah*16 12V,9Ah*16
Interface RS232,SNMP
Optional   USB, SNMP, ECO kit, Dry contacts, Battery cabinet
USB, SNMP, Dry contacts
Operation temperature 0-40℃
Relative humidity 0-95%(non-condensing)
W*D*H(mm) 440*430*86 440*480*173 440*480*173 440*660*173
440*430*86 440*480*86 440*480*86 440*550*86
Weight(kg) 11.5 25 31 59 67
7 8 9.5 17.5 20.5


HR11 series, ranging from 1kVA to 10kVA, is double conversion online rack UPS with fully DSP controlled technology. The single phase of 6-10kVA UPS applies the advanced 3-level technology, achieving a efficiency up to 95%. With its compact design of high power density (kW=kVA) in 2U height, HR11 series make it ideal choice for computers, telecommunication equipment and other sensitive devices.

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